Dr Aamer Iqbal

How We Work

TRANSFORM your health and cut your risk of disease

We coach you and work together with you to give you proven tools and strategies based on neuroscience. They enable you to develop new habits which support your health. We examine your default behaviors and suggest interventions for newer, healthier habits. These are based on the latest research in neuroscience.

A 32 years old entrepreneur experienced increasing depression and angry moods. He had lost interest in work. Over the preceding months he had taken to comfort eating as a means of dealing with stress. As a result his weight had increased to 132 kg, his blood pressure was at the higher limits of normal, while his lab results revealed pre-diabetes. We developed a strategy to rewrite his health and wellness story. Follow up at six weeks showed him to have a happier overall mood, he had more energy, renewed interest in work. His weight was down to 126 kg and blood pressure reading had lowered. There is a long way to go for him, but he is on the desired path.


We apply our TRANSFORM coaching model to help you achieve your health goals. You may want to know how TRANSFORM can help you? The answer is in the letters.

T – your topics

R – research current reality

A – awareness you discover

N –  a new way of being

S – select changes to make

F – form your action plan

O – explore opportunities and obstacles

R – accept responsibility for your results

M – your match is on!


As common knowledge reveals, many people try to improve health but either give up along the way, or don’t know how to do it properly. There is much information shared on social media, but unfortunately it can be hazardous to follow. For example, some weight loss diets are dangerous for patients with diabetes.

Thank you for your attention.

Dr Aamer Iqbal, based in Lahore