Dr Aamer Iqbal

We offer the following services and programs at present:


TRANSFORM Your Health. 

This program is for individuals whose work involves sitting all day, with high pressure demands on their time and energy.

 As a result their health is affected. In most cases the health challenges remain unnoticed or ignored until the body protests, often as a heart attack.

 Since health and wellbeing are ignored, health challenges can creep up in the form of high blood pressure, or pre-diabetes.

 People complain of back pain, pain in knees, excess weight, tiredness, low energy, and stress.

 The TRANSFORM Your Health program can help clients be smarter, find relief from back and knee pain, feel relaxed and have more energy and greatly reduce your risk of developing heart disease or achieve better control of diabetes.

The program is based on the TRANSFORM Model mentioned earlier.

 You can take it as a self-study program, or sign up for the personal upgrade for individual attention for challenges you find hard to deal with on your own.

 Want to know more? Contact us for more information, or sign up for the program.

Migration Health Advice

Many countries require health clearance for immigration and study.

At times applicants face rejection on health grounds after spending a lot of money in the process.

With over twenty years of experience in performing immigration health assessments for Canada and New Zealand, Dr Aamer can help you make an informed decision before you invest a large sum of money into the process. Contact us to make an appointment.

Personalized Asthma Management Plan

Asthma is a leading cause of discomfort for patients around the world. It also accounts for emergency hospital admissions, occupational ill health, inability to participate in sports and restless sleep from breathing difficulty.


Sadly it remains under-diagnosed and under-treated causing unnecessary suffering to patients.


With your Personalized Asthma Management Plan, you can remain on top of asthma, rather than it controlling your life.


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